Wiregrass Federal Credit Union has some of the highest paying deposit accounts in our area including interest checking, Master Cards, savings, money market, CDs, IRAs, Online Banking, 24-hour account access, and much more.

Regular Share Accounts

A Regular Share Account is the initial and required savings account that all members must have in order to be a member of our Credit Union. This account pays a quarterly dividend on balances of $50.00 and above. The account can be opened with only $6.00.

Share Draft Accounts

The Share Draft Account serves the same purpose as one’s checking in that members may write drafts/checks upon their balance. These accounts pay a monthly dividend and have no fees associated with them as long as the balance in the account remains positive. The Share Draft Account comes with a free Master Card debit card. The account can be opened with only $25.00.

Money Market Account

The Money Market Account requires a minimum balance of $2,500.00. It pays a monthly dividend and earns a higher rate than the regular share accounts. Only 3 withdrawals per month are authorized.

Christmas Club Account

The Christmas Club Account allows members to save any amount that they desire with knowledge that they will receive a check on November 1st of each year in the amount of their balance, minus one dollar that stays in their account in order to keep the account open. The account pays a monthly dividend.

Miscellaneous Share Account

This account serves as a multi-function account. Many members use this account to save for special events. The account pays a quarterly dividend.

IRA Accounts 

These individual retirement accounts allow members to reinvest, rather than be taxed on, their savings. IRAs pay a quarterly dividend.


Certificates allow members to store cash for a specified period of time in return for higher dividends. Dividends are compounded and earned quarterly based on the member's account average.

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