Fee Schedule

Type Charge
Membership Fee $1.00
Membership Share $5.00

Share Account Re-open in 90 days and/or
twice in a 12 month period. 

Excessive Share W/D Fee $5.00 Per Transaction over 3 per month
Overdraft/Transfer fee $5.00 Per Item
Excessive Phone Fee $2.00 Per Call
NSF Fee $28.00 Per Item
Return Check Fee $15.00 Per Item
Return Check Fee (written by member) $28.00 Per Item
Stop Payment Fee $25.00 Per Item
Check Copy $5.00 Per Item
Temporary Check Fee $1.00 Per Page (4)
Check Printing Fee Depends on style and quantity
Account History Fee $5.00 Per Month
Account Research Fee $25.00 Per Hour
Wire Transfer Fee $15.00 Per Item
Money Order Fee $2.00 Per Item
Official WFCU Check Fee No charge 1st check then $2.00 Per Item
Payment By Phone $12.00 Per Item
Christmas Club (Early Withdrawal) $10.00 Per Transaction
Check Cashing Fee $ 10.00 Without Active Ck Account
Dormant Fee $10.00 Per Month
(if balance falls below $100.00 and no activity within the last year and no loan or visa credit card)
Returned Mail Fee (With Forwarding Address) $1.00 
Returned Mail Fee (No Forwarding Address) 
On 3rd Attempt
Deposit Box (Dothan Branch Only)
3x5 $15.00
3x10 $30.00
5x10 $40.00
10x10 $70.00
Drilling of Box Fee Cost + $5.00